Mhome's workflow

Workflow overview

Quy trinh lam viec tong quan Mhome

Step 01

Bước 1 - Quy trình làm việc Mhome


Meetings, discussions, and information about customers are conducted by MHOME. Before signing the contract, we then consult on the design and construction aspects as well as the necessary terms for both parties. MHOME then receives ideas and needs from customer and uses them to advise on design styles, optimize layout, choose materials, and use construction, in order to make sure that it is suitable for the needs and budget of the customer.

Step 02

Khảo sát & báo giá

Construction survey & quote

MHOME performs field surveys of the works (such as shape, land area, geology, soil orientation, light direction, landscape, etc.) to accurately determine the factors that influence the works, products, as well as select the most suitable option. After that, MHOME provides information about the price of construction items, ensuring maximum cost optimization for customers.

Step 03

Mhome Thiết kế theo yêu cầu khách hàng

Design upon request

A preliminary design plan conducts at this stage by the architects and designers at MHOME, who then send it to the customer for review and revision to make sure it satisfies their needs. after that, MHOME will create a specific perspective for each location and area and set up a detailed profile of the product and project.

Step 04 

lên dự toán chi phí thực hiện

Estimate and sign contract

MHOME uses real and precise numbers to control construction costs and estimate costs, ensuring savings without the quality of products and works is still up to standards.

Step 05

Thi công và lắp đặt

Construction and installation

MHOME carries out product construction and installation, following the entire process and predetermined plan to ensure on-time completion, worker safety, and high-quality products. In addition , Customers can also keep track of projects on the progress and quality management software system at MHOME.

Step 06

Bàn giao và bảo hành công trình

Handover and warranty

MHOME signs the minutes of handover & warranty of finished products and works with customers,before putting them into use